The Original Find
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Well, this was the first look Dan DeVries & I had after our long ride to “The Land of 10,000 Lakes.” The Trav-L-Aire! We were both so excited we could hardly keep it together! Calmer minds prevailed and I left my bib in the truck as we began to check out this long lost piece of FC history. Pictured is John the original owner's son.


Having a Forward Control Jeep web site does have some advantages.  This camper was found by a young man doing service calls in the area and came upon this unusual truck.  At first he thought it would be an excellent vehicle for his young family to go camping in and pull his boat behind.  A little Google searching came up with The FC Connection and then an email from him followed.  I was straight up with him and told him it was rare and if he decided not to pursue it that I might be interested.  Well he brought up a buddy of his for a second look and it was decided that maybe it didn’t fit the bill for his growing family so he passed the contact information onto me.  The rest is history……