Al Whitener FC-170 (Circa 1973)
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Al Whitner was surfing through the FC Gallery and recognized a picture of his old FC-170 that was owned at the time by Mark Robbins.  (Page 3, Second row)  Al dug through some old photos and came up with this picture and quote.  Thanks for sharing your story with us Al.

"In the picture of Mark Robins and his children in front of the FC 170, there is a tan and brown FC 170 to the right. I bought it in 1973. It was a Portsmouth, VA. city truck set up for painting lines on the highway. Had out riggers and a large compressor on the back. My brother in law and I did a cab off restoration. It got an engine overhaul, mustang seats, farm made bumpers, body work, and paint. Then a set of Dick Cepek tires and wheels all the way from Ca.Armstrong Tru-Tracs.  I had a very wet field and had to try out the new rubber.  My wife dubbed it "The Ugly Truck".  It served us pulling peanut trailers and hunting."