Bill Kriegbaum
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WG "Bill" Kriegbaum

(May 6, 1938 - December 10, 2010)

 Bill passed away at home in Bountiful, on Friday, December 10, 2010. After a long struggle with Parkinson's Disease, and complications that came from the disease, Bill is finally out of pain. He was born in Benton, Arkansas. Bill and Elke had just celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary.

Bill and Elke lived in Bountiful, Utah where they made a home and raised their family. Bill was always busy working outside creating new landscaping features, tinkering in the garage, gardening, raising birds, and he enjoyed spending time with his family.

Bill had a passion for his old cars and especially his Jeep trucks. He loved going to car shows with his Jeep truck, Studebaker, Edsel and would put a sign up, ‘Get In. Honk The Horn’. He wanted others to share the fun of the vehicles with him. He was a very compassionate man.

After his retirement Bill and Elke enjoyed traveling, especially to Germany.  

Many of us were fortunate to have been his friend, he was one of my best friends.

Bill and his wife Elke were in attendance at the first FC Roundup, with his Toy collection, he always made the most generous donations of FC Toys for all the FC Roundups, even after he became ill and could not attend, he would send packages of FC Toys for the free Raffle. He was a really great person to know. He really always wanted to be here for the Roundups, even after he became ill, thanks to his daughters Kathy and Karen, who came with Elke, to help their dad be able to be here.

Bill was the Owner of the world’s largest FC-Toy collection of Jeep FC-150 truck models. He was the owner of a beautiful Red and White 1957 FC-150 and matching Military Jeep trailer that was also painted Red and white with matching wheels and tires.

He wrote in his website that he started his FC Toy collection through happening to see a FC model Toy on e-bay in July 2002...then another and another. Thanks to e-bay, these trucks were acquired from Australia, Austria, Canada, France, Germany, Holland, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, the U.K., and 34 states of the U.S.

Click here: SLC Gateway FC Toy Website


When I visited him a few months ago, he still had his large Toy Collections in the next room and his FC-150 was in the garage. His grandson will be the Owner of his FC-150. I am restoring the two Fleetvans he had owned. I had been in a hurry restoring one of the two, that I had hoped to take back up to his home, in time, with the modifications I was doing, to allow him to be able to fit in it, to ride in it with head room, while in his own wheel chair.

Some of you were passengers with Bill, on Craig's Tour Jeep, during the 2009 FC Roundup, Bill was very weak, but he really wanted to go for a ride.


We will all miss him.


Jesse Ybarra


Bill's FC Jeep Room