Bruce Hamilton 1959 FC-150
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This wide-track was Bruce's first introduction to Forward Control trucks.  His email to me best explains it.

"I spotted it in the back yard on Route 9 just above Atlantic City on the Jersey shore. This was the first one I owned. Another rust bucket but I just had to have one. In the beginning you'll take anything regardless of condition just get a feel for it. This FC started its life in Colorado. The owner I bought it from, had moved out there to live in the mountains. He had bought it from a gas station where it was used as a work truck and snow plow. He soon discovered that the FC couldn't manage the mountain roads with the little four banger so he shoe horned in a new Buick V6. The adaptor for the transmission and the long input shaft as well as the proper motor mounts were installed. The transfer case shift lever and rod were removed. You had to get out of the truck go around and reach up under the spare tire to shift the transfer case. He cut the floor where necessary and made a large air plenum out of plywood. Cooling was accomplished with dual radiators, one in the original position and one immediately behind the grill. He drove it all the way back to NJ pulling a trailer then left the rig to rot in his back yard for twenty years. At some point the plugs were remove from the block which allow the salt air to enter the cylinders and rust up the engine solid. I towed it back to Mass behind the suburban. It still sits in the back woods. Perhaps some day it will yield some useful parts. I just had to have it!"