Dan Horenberger's First FC!
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Ahh, a time for calm reflection!  What ever happened to that first girl friend, childhood buddy, or first car?  In this case it was Dan's first FC!  Man, I bet he'd like to have that one back.  Dan was going through some old pictures and came across these classic shots to share.  Here's the actual tale told by the man himself!

"I found pictures of my very first FC restoration. The pictures are from 1976 when I had it for sale to move to CA. It sold at a Mecum car auction to a guy in WI.  It sold for $4,500 I thought I had made a fortune. I was only asking $2,000 in the local paper. I paid $250 for the truck with a blown engine.  I made those rear fenders in my HS metal shop class in '73. Went to the local Jeep dealer and bought a new in the crate engine for $150. Replaced the rubber oil
line to the filter with a metal one. The rubber one failed and that's what caused the blown engine. A nice hole the size of a silver dollar in the side of the block.  I remember the guy at the Jeep dealer charged me $5 to tell me how to time and get the distributor in. I didn't have a manual.  It was nice and tight with 17,000 miles on it. But thinking about it the truck was only 13 years old so like new.  I always look in The FC Connection pictures for a 150 with those fenders. I always wondered what happened to that truck."