Daniel Augustus Corey 1945-2011
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Dan passed away on October 25, After a long painful fight against Pancreatic Cancer. Dan lived with his loving wife Flo, in La Quinta, California.

Although he was born on the East Coast and most of his family still lives there, he loved living in the California Desert. Dan loved working on his Jeeps, Dodge trucks and his Motorhomes. He enjoyed doing remodeling on his home, had a great career in Electronics and as a Commercial Construction Project Manager, I talked to him many times about some of his construction jobs, I could tell he was a very dedicated, hard working, honest and trust worthy person. He loved his work and his hobbies.
Dan and Flo came to the first FC Roundup in 2004, They came here in their big converted MCI Motor Coach / Motor home, they attended almost all of the previous annual events, until he got sick.  I will always remember Dan, because it could be really cold and he would always wear sports shorts, he was always so full of happy energy, he was another Eveready bunny.
The FC Roundup name tags of first event included, Dan #14 and Flo #15, the first event was also attended by another VIP, who also became a historical addition to our FC Roundup and all other FC Events. The visitor they brought with them, and introduced to all of us, was a very important Celebrity, MARIAH the Traveling Bear. She was unforgettable, wearing a zebra print swimsuit.  Many of you have been most fortunate to have had the opportunity to be visited, by the hitch hiking Mariah, She became notorious because after every FC Roundup, she secretly turns up, as a stow away packed inside of an FC-Owners truck, she has gone coast to coast, and from Texas to Canada.

Over the years Andrea & I became very good friends with Flo and Dan, and I think they became friends to all the people that have come here to our event.  I will always remember the other times that Dan and Flo came here and visited, they were here during a Thanksgiving weekend, Dan drove us for a ride in the big MCI Bus, he drove it like it was a sportscar, I wasn't scared, but it was quite a thrill to Andrea and I to go for a cruise with them. I will never forget how he was so genuinely happy and excited about everything.
Dan had a collection of FC-170s, I was able to go on a road trip with Dan and Flo, to look at an FC-150 that he bought for Flo, a nice wide track project, it was located in the California high desert, I was able to get to know more about them on that trip. It was so obvious, how much he loved Flo, and how they shared the same love of FCs.

Some of you were here at the FC Roundup, when Dan and Flo brought the beautiful blue and white, restored FC-170 DRW it had the big flags on it and open stacks, I briefly drove that truck, to move it around here in the yard, what a nice smooth flathead 226 in that truck. That was just before he got sick, who would have known, that it would have been his last.
I know you had to be here to feel and see an emotional, unforgettable moment, when Dan, helped Bill K. into Craig's Tour Jeep, for one last ride.  We will all miss Dan a lot.  People like Dan, make it easy for me to understand, how I can gain another a best friend that I only had to meet one time, to know they are for keeps.

Jesse Ybarra
Phoenix, AZ