FC's from Sweden
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Willys FC-170 with bus body built by Dyviks Bruk. At Dyviks, northeast of Stockholm, this company built five or six of such vehicles. One attracted much attention at the 1959-60 Paris exhibition. The representatives of Willys-Overland were enthusiastic and had one such vehicle sent across the Atlantic to be tested at the Willys plant.

"Could this be the predecessor to the M-678?" CB.

Picture provided by Lars Aronsson.



My good friend from Norway, Tom Schistad has recently been scouring his part of the world for FC Jeeps and has come up with quite a selection of vehicles that were used is the service industry in Sweden.  A large number of these vehicles came from a site in Sweden that is geared towards Service/Recovery vehicles.  Check them out for a look into some serious workhorses that pulled duty over the past 70 years.


More information on the custom Swedish vehicles can be found on the magazine articles page.

Swedish Custom FC-170's