FC 6x6
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The following was a quote from Jerrod about a unusual FC that he found in his travels.

"I recently found a FC170 that has been converted to a true 6x6(by grafting assembly just behind cab). I was only able to take a quick look at it, and what I saw was a small block Chevy, manual trans, and non Dana18 or 20 Transfer Case. There was a short shaft approx 10" long to a large case that split output to two drive shafts for the rear axles. The middle axle is offset far to the pass side, & the rear is centered with a high pinion, having the driveshaft run over the center axle. The axles are similar to, but a little larger than a Ford 9" The bolt pattern also appears to be a little larger than 5x5-1/2. The truck also has a flat bed that is supposed to be hoist as well. The truck has been sitting for over 20 years. "