Henry's FC-170
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Here's a picture of the FC-170 that Henry got for his birthday last December, 2012.  It was a present from his wife!  All I can say is Woooo Hoooo!!  Henry, you've got a "Keeper" there!  Don't let her (your wife) get away!  I was going to fill you in with my own words but Henry puts it so nicely I saw no need for editing.  Sounds like the old gal (your truck!) is gonna get a second chance at earning its own keep, I like that!

"The truck is a 1959, I don't know much about FC's in general but this one has a working heater blower (way out of balance with dirt dauber nests in squirrel cage), marginally working vacuum wipers, brand new Firestone ND tires. (thanks again to my wife)  The one key actually fits both the doors and the ignition which was a surprise to me.  Is this is typical of FC's?  Engine cover support sort of works, I have a knot on my head to prove it lets go unexpectedly.  Previous owner left an ammo can with spare voltage regulator, points, condenser, rotor, generator brushes & bushings, fan belt etc. as well as spare radiator hoses.  The electrical stuff is in original Echlin boxes, orange with the bear logo that I remember from watching Dad work on family cars when I was a kid. There was also a complimentary can of wasp/hornet spray."

"It is now at home in west central Illinois, saw it in Texas in October and made a point of stopping to look at it, it really reminded me of the trucks I was around as a kid, felt like the asking price was out of line and walked away. Guess my wife thought it would make a 'one of a kind' gift and went back later to make the deal.  As far as plans, the fuel pump is leaking so that is first priority, working wipers would be nice too, there are some areas where rust has started that I want to get stopped/replaced asap.  Door seals/gaskets need replaced as some rain finds it way in.  Want to keep the "truck that has earned its way in the world" look so no major restoration planned, just hope to keep it original best I can."