7th Annual Southwest Ohio Jeep FC Gathering & Swap Meet July 23-25, 2021
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I am Roger Martin, and I am planning to have a Jeep Forward Control Gathering and Swap Meet at my place in Ohio this summer.   I live out in the country so I have plenty of room for trucks, trailers and RVís (no RV hook ups) even Semi trucks. There is a RV camp with hook ups and one room cabins a mile and a half up the road. 

 Saturday is the main day of the event.  There is one hotel 6 miles south of me in Waynesville, which is full of antique shops, diners and restaurants or 10 miles north in Xenia, there are several hotel/motels with bigger restaurants. I live 25 miles south east of Dayton, Ohio.

 If anyone is interested please contact me at (937)477-5270 Verizon cell or email me at:
Roger Martin
1905 Roxanna New Burlington Road
Waynesville, OH  45068

Creekwood Motel of Waynesville 
401 S. Main Street 
Waynesville, OH 45068 
(513) 897-1000 1-800-652-5953 
(6 miles from my address) 
$70 a night plus taxes

Below is a list of nearby places to stay: 
(Xenia is about 10 miles from my address) 

Kings Knight Inn of Xenia 
38 S. Allison 
($64.95/night without discount and tax)


Deerfield Inn of Xenia 
Phone: (937) 347-1333 
Phone: (937) 426-5822 
($69.95/night without discount and tax)


Ramada Inn Xenia 
Phone: (937) 372-9921 
($100-$100+/night without discount and tax)



RV/Primitive Camping (no hookups) at Roger's Property....FREE


Frontier Campground 
9580 Collett Road 
Waynesville, Ohio 45068 
Camping Sites and Cabins (1 mile from my address) 
(Camping - $32/night, Small Cabin, bed only...$35/night, Large Cabin/kitchenette $65/night)




Caesar Creek State Park Camping Sites and Cabins
 (9 miles from my address) 

Camp Office: 9000 Center Rd. Wilmington OH 45177