Joe Felicello 1961 FC-170
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Joe sent me some pictures of his latest project and it will indeed draw some interest from fellow FC'ers that want an oil burner in their truck.  It is still in the building stages but here we have another diesel in the works.  Joe sent me a real nice note telling me a little background info on him and his passion turned business , so I've included it for all to see.  Please keep in touch on your build Joe, we'd sure like to see how things shake out!

"Hello, my name is Joe Felicello, I live in Highland New York. I have been restoring and rebuilding cars and trucks since I was 16.  My first project was a 1979 Jeep CJ-7 with a 304 v-8.  Now 43 with a love for muscle cars, trucks, and 4x4s, mainly Mopars and Jeeps, I have opened up my own restoration shop.  I have several projects in progress.  My most loved and most talked about is my 1962 FC 170.  I bought it last year for $600.00. Being in NY its Whole life, rust had taken its toll on it. The cab is not as bad as the frame. I was ok with that, It did not affect my plan.  I want my FC to have plenty of power; I did not want a Chevy V-8, that's been done. I wanted a diesel, not a 4 banger, I am stuffing a 12 valve Cummings in my FC. Well Iím putting my cab on a Dodge truck chassis.  I have achieved that step. The cab will tilt to work on the motor and to show it off.  I have a lot of custom fabricating to do and am ready for it."