John Edwardsson Swedish FC Van
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I know I'm a little late here but here is an update from my friend John in Sweden and his ultra-rare FC-170 van.  When John had originally had contacted me I pointed him to this article on the connection (FC-170 Swedish Custom).  As you can read below they are not the same truck as at least 150 units were produced by the Swedish government.  Be sure to check out the link below and see the progress John has made to his FC-170.  Really reminds me of that nutty guy down in Arizona who has been messing with an old FC van for a while now!  Here's my last email from John.


"Now it has happened a few things since last time.

The image you linked to is not the same car. But I know that my car has been a prisoner transport vehicle.

I hope you do not think I'm crazy for not retaining it in its original condition.

But it is hard to find any original parts for it. And my vision is to make an adventure vehicle.

The engine will I get from a Wrangler YJ, I6 4.0 HO with manual transmission and NP 231 distribution box.

My biggest problem is how to find a front window, can someone help me with that?

I'm sending a link that I post pictures of. As you can see it is very crowded in my garage, so I look forward to spring, then I can be out and build. The winter here in northern Sweden is pretty cold, minus 10 to 30 degrees Celsius and a lot of snow."

John Edwardsson's FC Van Build Project

Original link to John's FC-170