Thomas Carroll M-677
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1964 fc170 m-677. Serial tags and nomenclature tag still on it. Originally had the 3-cylinder diesel, which is now gone. Now has a nice running 289 ford. Does not smoke. Has a lifter tick, but it's sat for about 20 years and most likely will come out of it. It's one of those that comes and goes. It is not a rod or anything
like that. Good oil pressure. Transmission is a three speed and all gears and clutch work properly with no slippage or throw-out bearing noise. Transfer case works as it should. Brakes don't' work but most likely need bleeding and the usual tuning. The fc has no fuel tank but original looking fuel tank support is included.  Just running on a temporary tank now. Body is very solid and has very little rust. Here is the actual rust that it has: Rocker panels have rust but only up high in  the back. There is pitting on the bottom that you can see in the pics, but it's solid and not rusted through. Rust doesn't extend into the sill really at all. One cab corner has minor pinhole rust that is a small patch. Rear of the cab has some rust between the top of box and rear window. The previous owner had carpet glued to the cab which trapped water there I guess. It can be patched fairly easily with sheet metal. The only other rust-through is a small spot in front of the drivers seat. About 1"x1". That is the only rust through I could find in the truck. I have pretty extensive experience with classic cars and bodywork, and have checked it out well. No heavy filler anywhere, including the primered door area. I will be getting many undercarriage pictures also. Drip rails are very nice, and the rust yousee there in the pics is just where the paint came off. Anything that was questionable, I scraped well and checked with a magnet and/or sharp "pic" to make sure it was solid. The box is near perfect. Seats are actually in decent usable shape. I took the junk carpet out to check for rust. Frame is very nice and rust free. Body bushings need replace but floor isn't rusted where they sit and supports on the frame are fine. Wheels appear to be matching original 16". The plate on the front of the frame got bent a bit when I was loading it. Easy fix, just haven't done it yet.
serial is #9327-10310

SOLD - November 2013

New Owner- Thomas Carroll
Location: Hawaii

February 2014 UPDATE


First step.....taking bed off, so far has no hidden surprises.

Thomas has started on the process of tearing into his M-677 project.  You'll be able to follow along right here and see what he encounters on this Hawaiian Restoration of a piece of FC military history!

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