Justin M. FC Find
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A friend of Justin's found this tired old soldier out in the woods near his home and emailed me for some potential information on its origin.  Off the top of my head I said that it looked like it had a little Spanish flavor to it.  After the first correspondence Justin's friend went back out for a little closer look and came to the conclusion that it had to have been a hand-built unit from an old FC truck.  Here's a few quotes from Justin.  Just goes to show you, old FC's never die, they just get made into whatever will keep them rolling!

  Well he went and took a closer look at it yesterday, and thinks it is a homemade job. In his words: "It was made out of sheet metal and angle iron over tube steel with what looks to be part of the cab from a pickup welded to the back.  Really, what are nails for if not to hold on doors and seats?? Also the side windows appeared to be sheets of transparent plastic that could be inserted into frames made from old hacked-up aluminum house window frames."