Kevin Millage 1963 FC-170
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"I have decided to sell my green 1963 FC170. Could you please list it on your FC connection site? This truck has been hit in the driverís door I have pull most of the door out and need to repair the door opening and then fit the door. This is a old plumbers truck from California and is rust free, someone has installed a V-8 ford motor I think it is a 289 A real nice installation job It has a 4-speed transmission with 427 gears so it goes down the road real nice the dash has been changed out too not sure why but it looks cool almost factory. This truck runs and drives great I have driven it a number of times with the door off around my area. People tend to look at you funny driving around on the freeway without a driver's door.

 I would like to get $6200 for it or best offer
January 2011 UPDATE:

  If this truck doesn't sell by the end of March it will be available to see at The FC Roundup in Arizona.

SOLD at the 2011 Roundup!