Looking at The World Through a Windshield
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Our perennial professional behind the lens at the FC Roundups is Scott Lehman and he not only takes great crowd shots on the major days of the event, he also tries to come up with different perspectives each year that many might just gloss over.  Scott hit “FC Gold” this year with his different views from the driver’s seats of different trucks at the show.  Now, I may be pre-dating myself by a few years, but I think a seasoned trucker or even Del Reeves himself my chuckle at the headline given the lack of cross country miles most of these truck  saw, but I still thought it a fitting title!  To tell the truth, this quiz even had this seasoned veteran scratching his head at a few of the trucks.

OK, here’s the test, match the view with the truck at the event.  For those who weren’t in attendance, just pick out the different features and make a guess of what type of truck you might be looking at.  Sure, for the novice there are things that pop right out, but to a real aficionado of the FC line you might even be able to get within a year or two of each truck by their different details.

Good luck and many thanks to Scott Lehman for another great look at the truck we all enjoy so much!