Mark Jennings FC-170
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Mark sent me a couple of photos of his new FC and he's real excited about his new toy.  If anyone out there remembers this truck give me a shout and I'll post your memories of this old workhorse.

"Here is a little story about the FC. I have been looking for another Forward Control for a few years. I had a 61 FC-170 that was my Grandfathers and at the time I really did not have the resources to work on it so I sold it in 1997 to a couple of guy from the Syracuse New York area. I wish now I never did. I got this FC from a good friend of mine, Ed Kitzhofer. I believe it is a 1963-1964 year. It was used by Taft School in Vermont as a plow truck. It runs great and with a little work it started right up. I plan on doing some work on the body and hopefully I can get it back in shape in a year or two. The bed is custom made and who ever did the work did a great job. It is the best part on the truck. I plan on using it to plow my driveway this winter. If anyone has any information or pictures of this truck in service at the school I would love to see them."