Matt Sasina M-677
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    Looks like another M-677 has been brought back from the verge of oblivion.  Matt scored this rare bird because of his attire!  I could tell the tale but Matt put it together so well I just did a copy & paste so nothing would be lost in the translation.  Great story Matt!  Please keep us up to date as you progress on your restoration.           

"My name is Matt Sasina.  I just bought my M-677 off a fellow Jeeper back in November 2013 (my first FC!).  It was the craziest experience I have ever had.  I was introduced to the former owner at a Jeep fund raising event because I was wearing a burnt orange FC-150 shirt, which I bought from!  A guy saw my shirt and said he had a friend with an FC in his garage and wanted him to see my shirt.  After a not so short discussion, I came to find out that the gentlemen owned a 4 door Military FC.  I could not believe it, as I have only seen 1 other FC in my area, let alone a M-677.  I gave him my contact information and asked him to let me know if he had any leads on FCs in the future.  A few weeks later he called me up and asked if I would be interested in his 677!  The rest is history.  She barely fits in my garage, and did not want to get on, or get off the trailer, hence my Jeep being strapped to a tree to winch her off.  But she is home now awaiting her loving return to glory.

                Anyway, she has 15,718 miles on her and still has her original Cerlist engine.  Based on the engine still being there, I am hoping to restore her back to original condition.  Please add me to the registry and feel free to use the pictures I included. The specs are below.  Thanks for the amazingly informative website!"

VIN #:9327-10264

Delivery date: June 1964

Engine: Cerlist

Trans: T-90

Transfer Case: Spicer 18

Engine #: Not sure yet! I need to get under there and confirm, I will let you know when I do!

Plan:  Restore to her original glory!


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