Michael Flath FC-150
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Michael emailed regarding a very cool looking little FC-50 that he has had for quite some time now and thought the viewers would like to get a glimpse of it.  Another "Working FC" survivor!  Very nice truck!  Here's Michael's story.

"20 years ago I purchased my FC-150 for a plow truck.  After using it several winters, it grew on me.  Having several Jeeps and Scouts and running them to the end I saw in this little truck more than just another Jeep.  It has 10,000 miles on it, it was a Fire Truck in its past life and before that a Civil Defense truck (so I am told).  On the front in the sunlight I saw the name River Grove so looking around I found a River Grove FD in Illinois.  Calling them (long story) I finally found a fire department historian that knew and actually drove the truck.  Anyway he e-mailed me a B&W photo of it with a very heavy pump on the back (since gone).  He told me that it was used to pump for grass fires / pump out basements.  The funny thing it was also used annually in a water fight with a neighboring Fire Company at their picnics.

I have enclosed for grins the B&W and a couple of it in my garage (please do not judge my garage, I have a lot of work to do.
The box is obviously not original, but I kinda like it.  Looking for a period round red rotating light, I also want to pull the plow frame and set the bumper back to where it was originally intended. Know of any bumperettes and stock seats?  I hope you like it, I do have dreams of getting it tore down and back on the road… Time and Money, same old tired story.

Out of 4 kids all will need braces and…LOL"

Michael Flath