Overheating Problems, One man's answer
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Patrick Mauck kindly sent me the following E-mail and pictures going over adding an extra Radiator to his FC-170 DRW with a Chevy straight 6 engine conversion.  Patrick ran into overheating problems with the Chevy engine and the addition of an auxiliary radiator seemed to cure his problems.  There is a link to contact Patrick at the bottom of this message if anyone is interested in further details of his conversion.

Here are the pics of my radiator modification.                   
The engine is a Chevy straight 6, so I'm sure the
configuration would be different on a stock engine.

I used the radiator off of my wife's '69 commando,
which has a bad engine anyway. As you can see in the
pictures it is a great fit and the FC shouldn't reject
the new organ since it was from a family member!

Picture "rad0" shows most of the top plumbing. There
are a lot of connections, but so far nothing leaks. The
great thing is you can eliminate the remote reservoir
since the new radiator has a fill cap!

"rad3" is looking down in the engine compartment at
the lower radiator hose. I put the valve in so I can
shut off the rear radiator if I want. I reduced it to
3/4 heater hose to the water pump which seems to
provide plenty of flow.

The other pictures should be self explanatory. If you
have any questions let me know.


  Contact Patrick Mauck