Paul Kiefer 1963 FC-170
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What a project! Found it in a field in Seneca, Kansas. Took 6 months to talk the owner out of it. Thought it was an FC-150 because the frame had been shortened.
All the geometry was wrong and because of the flathead 6 it was nose heavy (as in tip forward with braking). Craig Brockhaus sold me a 170 fame which gave me an opportunity to inspect all the parts as I switched them over. All the early pictures of the frame build up are on long dead computers (sorry).
I believe the frame started life as a service side pick up but I thought I could find an original stake side bed. The salvage yard out of Crane, Indiana said “all those rusted out 20 years ago”. The original dimensions were available so I welded one up and it came out only about an eight inch out of square.
About 3 years ago I thought I would install an overdrive so I took the bed off to make the installation as easy as possible. Did the body work and paint. New windshield and door windows. Just need to figure out how to get an oil pan gasket installed correctly as it still weeps oil. It is starting to earn its keep with loads of mulch for our yard and garden.