Prairie Idaho 1963 Howe Fire Truck
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Just when you think all the really cool FC trucks have been found out surfaces an ultra rare FC Fire Truck that has spent it's entire life in rural Idaho providing service to the Federal Government and the citizens of Prairie, Idaho.  In my mind this is what it's all about, saving history!  Follow along as we uncover the role this truck played and it new life as it's brought back to it's former glory.  Be sure to click on the link below for the details as they are discovered. 
This is an ongoing story...  

History of 1963 Jeep FC170 DRW Howe Front Pumper Fire Engine

The Find

The Recovery

The Benchmark

Uncovering its History

A Little Elbow Grease

Tires & Wheels

High Wear Area Renewal

It's All in the Details...

The Interior

Compartment Doors

NEW 4-21-21

The Front Pump Removal
NEW 4-21-21