Roger Martin FC-170 DRW's
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On the 17th of November, 2010, Roger found a dually in southern Wisconsin.  So off he went with his girl friend Sharon.  They came back with not 1 but 2.  Both are DRW's.  The green one is titled '57.  It has a flatbed dump that works.  Roger got it running yesterday and drove it off the truck.  It has a broken exhaust manifold and some burnt valves.  It is #61568 13 10985.  It has a 4 speed transmission.  The rear tires are 17.5...and needs some new rims.  The front are 16.  It was a county truck from northern old guy (90+) had bought it years ago.  Roger got it from a guy that bought it this fall but decided he wanted to invest in a hit-and-miss engine instead.  Roger was talking to the guy before we left here on Thursday evening and the guy volunteered that his dad had also had 3 150's and a FC170 dually...which had been a Chicago fire vehicle.  It also has a dump mechanism and a 2 stick PTO but no bed. Before he left Ohio, his dad agreed to sell it, also.  That serial # is 61568 13 10684.  It has a 3 speed.  It has a huge alternator with a huge notch out into the floor against the driver's seat with a factory made cover to go over it.  So they changed trailers, and by midnight he was on his way.  Both Wisconsin trucks have alternators on them with the factory notch and cover.