The Commuter
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1957 Commuter Prototype Design

1958 Actual Commuter Concept Vehicles

Other Commuter Pictures
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If I were asked the question, “What is the most uncommon Forward Control Jeep?” the list would be short.  As far as Civilian production models go, the FC-170 DRW with a T-98 4-speed would rank right up there and then you’d step up to any Military FC Jeep produced.  After that, I would guess the rarest of all would be the prototypes that were produced but never put into production.  These would include the FC-150 & FC-170 Tractor Trailer combinations and the king of them all, “The Commuter.”  With the breakup of Willys Motors in the early 1960’s much of the Forward Control history was somehow lost and to this day the whereabouts of the infamous “Prototypes” has never been found.  There have been some articles written on the Commuter and an interview with Brooke Stevens did shed a little light on the vehicle but still to this day the holy grail of the FC Jeep world has yet to be found.  Rumors of one residing on Henry Kaisers Island off the shores of Washington State have been passed on through the ages but searches have come up empty handed.  However, pictured here are a few clues on how the Commuter was created and the end result with actual photos of two of the three concept vehicles produced.  As more information becomes available I’ll get it posted right here on the FC Connection.


Craig Brockhaus