Todd Reed FC-170 Stake
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Todd sent me a few pictures of a FC-170 in his area and wanted me to post it for him. Looks like an '57 or early '58.  I love his comments!

"Although I am a Jeep fan, until five days ago I had never heard of or seen a Forward Control Jeep. I came across this "cab-over Jeep thingy" in a yard of a friend of a friend and I had to find out more. So, I spend some hours on the web and I'm amazed with these FC trucks and how much info your site provides.  I am in Alberta, Canada and am not sure if Jeep even sold FC's in Canada or if they were only offered in the US.  I am waiting to find out if the owner will part with this FC-170.  The guy who owns the land where it sits says that it still runs. Apparently the owner had planned on restoring it but so far has just had it parked in the weeds.  From what I can see it has all original running gear, frame for flat deck, cracked windshield, complete interior (rough) and a rusted but pretty fair body."

(Rear View)