Tom McCoart FC-150
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This is one of those stories that should inspire us all.  The first picture here is the truck that Tom McCoart was looking at for a father & son project that they were interested in taking on.  I get many emails from people looking at getting an FC and if I remember right like usual I had many things going on an wasn't able to get back to Tom right away for my recommendations on buying this truck.  Well when I finally got around to responding to his email I told him I thought it was too much money for the condition of the truck.  I think he mentioned trees growing up in the truck and the obvious rust made it look like a candidate to stay away from in my opinion.  Well when Tom responded back he said that they had bought the truck and were excited about the future Father/Son project.  I felt bad that I hadn't responded in a timely manner and if I did maybe I could have steered them away from that truck.  Time past and I hadn't heard much from Tom & Tommy and their project. 

Well low and behold I get an email a couple of week's ago from Tom saying they were still working on their project and could I send them the dimensions for a gas tank that they needed to build as they had converted the narrow-track to a pickup bed.  They bought a bed from Dave from Precision Coachworks, tailgate and all.  Tom said he would send me a picture soon.  Well in typical Craig fashion I've been slow to get the tank dimensions but Tom wasn't slow in sending pictures of their project.
What a beautiful job they have done!  I can't believe it's the same truck.  Such a transformation of a truck that many including me would have left for dead.  An inspiration to us all.  Everyone out there with a project FC, this too could be your truck!  Hard work and perseverance always pays off in the end.  I'm sure I can speak for everyone out there in saying we have to see this truck's final outcome!!

Keep in touch and great job guys!