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Will Regan also sent me this FC-150 used as an advertisement for a local brewing company in Truckee California, in the Sierra foothills.  He said it looks clean, but from a look in the inside, it might not have moved for a while.


The owner and builder of this truck, Stephen Downing contacted regarding the info on his cute little brewing truck.  Sounds like it's alive and well in Nevada now.  Here are the particulars on his truck.

"1957 FC-150, Serial Number is real early like #10391. 
I bought it in about 1985 in Nevada City,CA. the seller said it had been used to haul rocks.. muck out of a gold mine.. and then he used it to haul his grandchildren around.. At the time I owned Nevada City and Truckee Brewing Co. I took off the PU bed.. Had the brakes, head, trans gone through.. and installed the van.. its from a haul mini mover.. its got refrigeration and beer taps.. We used it in Truckee for deliveries and parties.. and every 4th July for the parade.. was a real hit. Best Party was a Grateful Dead concert at Squaw Valley.. I hauled 12 kegs to the top and added 8 more the next day.. all was sold.. on the trip down I found out that the 4 wheel drive didn't work.. but got down.. someone had installed a tapered bearing backwards. which allowed the transfer gears to disengage.. The truck went out of service after it through a rod coming back from a wedding.. The Truck is now in Verdi, NV.. colors have changed to Nevada's blue and silver. Rod is fixed.. it has been used by the V Fire Department for events."